How is Covid19 forcing us into the next age of evolution?

Have you noticed how many ads are popping up at the moment with people selling online courses? Specifically, teaching people how to make money online?

“Learn how to trade Bitcoin”, “Make money trading on FOREX”, “Build an online business from scratch”, “Turn your passion into income with online business”, “Become an influencer or online coach” and the list goes on and on. I’ve been watching this trend increase over the last few years but the recent events with Covid19 have accelerated the process, this article should help explain why.

Let’s start with a little bit of history to help explain exactly what is going on. Throughout time there have been a number of leaps in human evolution, “The Agricultural Revolution” or “The Age Of Agriculture” was a period of technological improvement and increased crop productivity that occurred during the 18th and early 19th centuries in Europe which the increased crop yields and overall quality of life, this paved be the way for the “Industrial Revolution” or “The Industrial Age”, with new inventions yet again making productivity and the quality of life jump tenfold, next came the invention of the internet, and with it “The Age of Information”, as the internet developed over the past few decades and things became simpler, it created the foundation for what is now being called the “Digital Age”, an age where almost everything that we are, and will be doing, is partially or completely done online or using technology.

What does Covid19 have to do with all of this then?

Just like any major shift in history, there is usually a large majority of people that are resistant to change which slows down the transition, in fact, it’s well documented that one of our biggest fears is the fear of the unknown, aka change, for example, you may have heard the debate that “technology is taking peoples jobs”, but perhaps what you didn’t know is that this exact dialog was very common as we shifted into The Industrial Age back at the end of the 18th century, which we now know, dramatically increased the quality of people’s lives all over the world and although certain jobs were lost, they were often unfulfilling, mundane jobs anyway, and in their place, new jobs were created that never existed prior, jobs didn’t go away, they just evolved.

The exact same thing is happening today, technology isn’t taking away jobs, it is evolving them, and as much fear/resistance, as there may be from some, the shift or evolution is inevitable, all that the coronavirus is doing is accelerating the process, forcing us to realize the benefits of changing sooner than later and as scary as it may seem to some, history has taught us, that every time we enter a new age, the general quality of life for people all over the world increases, and especially for those who embrace the change early on.

I realized a few years ago that if I could learn the skills needed to earn an income online that my quality of life would improve dramatically, and I was right. Since then I’ve been teaching people the value of transitioning their skills and or passions into the digital space, and thanks to Covid19 completely screwing up our current system, people everywhere are starting to realize for themselves exactly why I’ve been focusing my energy on doing so for the last few years.

Today, more everyday people are making money online than ever before, and as they do, realizing the epic freedom, or in the case of a pandemic, the security that comes with it.

Pandemic aside, who hasn’t been on holiday and as your vacation nears the end, thought to themselves, I don’t want to go back to the “real” world, but can’t think of a realistic way they can do so and still pay the mortgage and bills, so you reluctantly go back to your office or mundane, repetitive routines, I know I’ve been there.

Well I’m here to tell you, that way of thinking is BS, it’s a limiting belief, and it’s out of date! There is a better way and you can either get on board or fall behind as the rest of the world shifts towards the digital economy.

Here are just a few of the many examples of how everyday people are making a decent income online right now, and guess what, you don’t need to be a computer wiz.

  1. E-commerce, is crushing traditional retail stores into the ground, with much lower overheads and a larger audience, selling physical or digital products, be it through building your own website which with website building tools like GoDaddy, makes so much sense and it is so easy these days that a monkey could do it, or, you can simply leveraging free market places like Amazon, eBay, gumtree, Craigslist, etc.
  2. Dropshipping, selling other companies’ products by setting up your own Shopify website, and learning how to advertise online, meaning you don’t even need to have your own product, warehouse, or fulfillment processes.
  3. Trading, be it by learning about cryptocurrency which is surprisingly stable and resection proof or learning how to trade on the stock market, which if you know what you’re doing, you can make money regardless of whether the market is going up or crashing like it is right now, the same goes for trading on Forex, the foreign exchange market.
  4. Affiliate marketing, learn how to market online and get kickbacks for promoting and selling other peoples products or services that you believe in, the great thing with this is that similar to dropshipping, you don’t need staff, products or even a location, you can literally make a 6 figure income from your smartphone!!  
  5. Content creation, maybe you’re a person that loves creative stuff, music, art, video, photography. There are tons of switched on artists leveraging the digital economy and making a fortune by creating art and content than putting it online through sites like Redbubble and many others?
  6. Teaching or coaching, if you are good at anything, yoga, an instrument, public speaking, building sculptures out of rubbish, languages, you name it, you can literally get paid by running online classes! I guarantee you that there is a niche for almost everything that you can think of! Did you know you can get paid up to $25 (US) per hour just for being a native English speaker and teaching English online, even if you don’t speak any other languages? Especially now with the current, Covid19 situation, and a massive need for more online English teachers, in many cases all you need to do a quick course (which you can do online) to get what’s called a TEFL certificate and then rich Chinese people which there’s no shortage of will pay you decent money to talk English with them and you can work as much or little as you want.
  7. Transcriber, don’t like talking to people? There are 300 hours of video being uploaded just to YouTube every single minute! Did you know that thousands of people around the world are getting paid on average between $8-$15 (US) per hour to write the subtitles for those videos, from the comfort of their computer, wherever and whenever the hell they like? through companies like or

Look, I could seriously keep going, but the reason I chose to tell you about the ones above is that they all have one thing in common, which is that to earn an income from them, literally all you need is the right skills and an internet connection! giving you the geographical freedom that I’m always harping on about! I hope you’re getting the point by now, that online income and business is the way of the future.

So the choice is yours, you can either look at all of these ads that I mentioned at the beginning and go, “ahh another one of those online, multi-level marketing scams, I’m smarter than that” and completely miss the boat, (I’m not saying the scams don’t exist so do your due diligence) or you can get on the digital age bandwagon and join me and a bunch of my friends who are living the digital nomad lifestyle and freaking loving it!

If you are asking yourself the question, so what do I do from here? how do I start? truth is, all the information you need is just a Google or Youtube search away and if you know where to look it won’t cost you a cent to learn, in fact, it’s not a lack of info that’s the challenge, in fact, I believe that the best way to learn something is to teach it so I have a number of social media channels dedicated to teaching people what I know for free, if that interests you, then follow me Facebook, Instagram, YouTube but I’m also going to ethically bribe you, If you 1) like and share this post and 2) comment below telling me what is your biggest passion in life, I will also send you a link to get a value-packed free video training series that will teach you everything you need to know to get started from scratch to build an online income around those passions.

The digital age is here people, don’t miss the boat because after everything dies down with this corona madness, I guarantee you that some will go back to the mundane routine that was sucking the life out of them, and many more will be well on their way to soaking up the sun on a deck chair somewhere in paradise as the new norm because they chose to learn how to move into the digital age, hopefully, I’ll see you there, remember, like, share and comment, and if you are really serious, I’m open to having a Skype or WhatsApp call with anyone that has doubts or questions as to whether or not they can make it work for them. What have to got to lose? ️

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