How to live a life of geographical freedom.

My mission is to teach people how to live a life of joy, abundance, and of course Geographical freedom.

Why you might ask? well funny enough, that’s what gives me joy, abundance and you guessed it, geographical freedom.

In this post you will learn about 

  • What exactly geographical freedom is
  • How to live it
  • The pros and cons of traditional income vs online income
  • What stops most people from living a life of geographical freedom?
  • 3 things you can start doing today to begin building a life of geographical freedom?

What exactly is geographical freedom? 

If you could be absolutely anywhere in the world right now, is it where you currently are? If yes, then you are already doing better than most people, the question is then, if you could be wherever you like tomorrow, next week, next month, and the month after that? could you do it without going backward financially or screwing up some aspect of your life? 

Geographical freedom is the ability to live an abundant life on your own terms, spending your time where you want, with who you want and when you want without being dependent on the so-called “stability” of a rented home, and typical location-based income. 

I say “stability” with inverted commas because as many people have just found out or are finding out with Covid-19, what we consider as stable jobs, aren’t always that stable.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that some people have no desire to travel and explore the world and that is fine, a lot of normal jobs are extremely important for society to work, but the point I’m trying to focus on here is careers that allow you to move where and when you want. To be honest, sometimes all I want to do is stay in one place, but if you have complete geographical freedom, you can! but if a family member gets sick, a sibling or best friend is getting married or having children, you are also able to spend the day or week visiting them without losing income or having any problems.

How to live a life of geographical freedom?

The way I see it there really is only three ways to live a life of geographical freedom,

  1. Be super-wealthy (easier said than done)
  2. Be extremely resourceful (still requires a lot of skill) or
  3. Create a profitable income stream that can be managed 100% from your computer or smartphone.

My Goal is to be all 3, and although I do believe that just about anyone has the ability to create this lifestyle, unfortunately not everyone has the right mentality, so it has to start there, most people let fear and limiting beliefs paralyse them from taking the simple steps necessary to step away from the social conditioning that prevents us from living a life that many only dream of, thoughts like; 

I’m not worthy of a life like that.

I’m not smart enough to figure that out.

I’m no good with computers or technology.

I could never run a business.

I am terrible with sales.

I’m too disorganised.

I don’t have the time or the money.

It sounds too good to be true, so it must be.

The most common assumption or limiting belief is that you need to be super rich to be geographically free.

Although I will not argue that having a ton of money is going to make certain things a lot easier and that a certain level of financial education is something I think everyone should put some time into, I am open about the fact that I am not a super financially wealthy individual, well at least not in the sense of an income, in fact, if you have a full-time job in Australia, my home country, then chances are that you are probably making a higher annual income than me right now, yet for the past few years, I’ve lived in over 14 countries, spent months at a time with family and friends in different parts of the world and can probably guarantee you that I live a much more fulfilling, enjoyable, adventurous and rich lifestyle. 

Why can I say that? Well, I’ve been where you are, I used to have what most people would consider a good, high paying, “secure” job, but let’s compare my life then and now. 

Pros and Cons of a normal job vs Digital Entrepreneur

Normal Income Pros

  • Predictable income. Makes daily planning and budgeting easier.
  • Fixed schedule. Forces you to get out of bed even if you don’t feel like it.
  • Holiday & sick pay. 
  • No skin in the game. So if the industry or business fails, you don’t lose what you’ve invested, just your job.
  • Future JOB opportunities. Future employers like to know how well you take orders and get them done, a long time in one job can show you are loyal and a good worker bee. 
  • Borrowing ability. It can be easier getting a loan from a bank if you have an employment contract.
  • Employer pays your tax and super payments for you. Meaning you only need to think about tax once a year and often comes with a return.

Normal income cons

  • Little control. The biggest downside is having almost no control over what happens, with who, how, or when you work.
  • Trapped in one place. We tie ourselves to one place because if you leave you lose your job.
  • Employees pay the highest taxes. As an employee, there are few tax deductions available for you.
  • Commute to work. Costing time, money, and stress.
  • Less job security. Although many people don’t understand this, the truth is your employment is at their mercy.
  • No equity. When you do leave, there is nothing to sell.
  • Production quotas, although running a business means you don’t get paid if you don’t produce results, at the end of the day, it’s the same with employment. Don’t get results and I guarantee you won’t be hired for very long.
  • Live for the weekend. Monday doesn’t suck, your job sucks.
  • Capped salary – When you trade your time for money it can’t be scaled, there are only so many hours in the day and so to increase your income you must decrease your free time and quality of life.
  • Workplace politics – brown-nosing, red tape, bureaucracy are common soul crushers in an employment role that make people feel undervalued and unappreciated.
  • Not Fulfilling – The employee mindset is often to try to get the highest pay you can get in a job you don’t hate or at least has an element that you like.
  • Same Sh*t different day – As an employee you are often doing repetitive monotonous tasks day in day out, crushing your creativity and often leaves you feeling like a robot on autopilot

Digital Entrepreneur Pros

  • Total Control. The buck stops with you, you decide when, how, where, and with who you work.
  • Complete Geographical Freedom – having the ability to earn from your computer means you can earn a great income no matter where you are and for how long you are there. 
  • Time Freedom – If an employee knew that they would get paid the same no matter how quickly or slowly they completed a task, I guarantee you they would work twice as fast. As long as you get what you need to get done, it really doesn’t matter how many hours you do or when, sleep in if you want, take a break if you want. Not to mention you can automate a lot of repetitive tasks.
  • Financial freedom – Any self-made millionaire will tell you that you will never become financially free by getting a job, you must learn to either invest or build a successful business.
  • No daily commute. Which not only saves you time but money and stress.
  • Tax benefits – As an independent contractor or business owner, you have the ability to write off so many everyday costs that an employee can’t, meaning that someone who is self-employed or who runs a business will end up with more money in their pocket at the end of the year when compared to an employee who earns the exact same amount.
  • You can never be fired – If you make a mistake, you need time off to refresh, be with loved ones, or you just don’t feel like it today, no worries, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. 
  • You have equity. A well built online business takes time, money, and energy to set up, the good thing is, just like physical real estate, digital real estate can also be worth quite a lot.
  • Automation and passive incomes. – One of the best things about setting up an online business is the ability to automate your income meaning you can literally be making money 24/7, including whilst you sleep.
  • Scalable income – once you work out a winning formula online, scaling it is much much easier as in many cases the work can be automated or outsourced, and increased income doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in overheads, plus you have a market of 8 billion people online rather than just the local market. 
  • Fulfillment and purpose. – There is so much opportunity online today that you can literally find success in almost any area of niche no matter how small or obscure it might be. Building a business around your hobbies and passions allows you the joy of helping other like-minded people with solutions whilst being immersed in what you love.

Digital Entrepreneur Cons

  • Income reflects your value in the market. This can be tough in the beginning and or if you’re lazy and do a bad job setting things up.
  • Requires self-discipline. Although you can set a fixed schedule, You don’t have someone organizing your schedule or holding you accountable, although this can be seen as a positive it also means you can allow yourself to be distracted or procrastinate which can then affect your income. 
  • No Holiday and sick pay. You are responsible for your own costs for holidays and time off for illness. 
  • No guaranteed success. not that a job can either.
  • You have skin in the game. If things don’t work out, you risk losing what you have invested.
  • Borrowing ability – banks will want to see at least 2 full years of financials and tax returns before they will even consider lending you money.
  • Tax responsibilities – You are responsible for putting aside enough tax to pay your quarterly BAS statements plus paying any staff taxes and superannuations payments including your own.

What stops most people from living a life of geographical freedom?

As you can see in the pros and cons, there are much more positives to running your own online business compared to the status quo job, but if you ask most people why they choose a job they will either tell you they have no idea how they could make a decent income online without being a genius with computers or they don’t have the money and or time but what’s really stopping them is;

  1. Beliefs – fear, guilt, doubt, pessimism, attitude. If you don’t believe that there is a way, then you aren’t even going to bother trying.
  2. Education – knowing what options there are, and how to take advantage of them. You may already have all the skills and abilities but just need to learn the strategies and vehicles that can take you where you want to go or perhaps you need to learn a few new skills, either way, learning how to adapt for the digital world is key.
  3. Resourcefulness – most people use a lack of resources as an excuse to justify inaction, but the truth is it isn’t a lack of resources but a lack of resourcefulness that is truly stopping them. Sure, if you have the money to pay a mentor or course, it will certainly speed up the learning and earning curve, but literally everything you need to know to start an online income stream or business can be found online for free, if you don’t have the money to invest, you just need to invest the time and ask the right questions. Follow me on Facebook and Youtube for tips and advice.
  4. Action – We all have that friend who is full of ideas, they get it on a mental level but they never follow through, they let the 3 things above hold them back, ideas without action are dreams, ideas with action become goals.

3 Actions you can start doing today to begin building a life of geographical freedom?

  1. Train your brain to become resourceful – To find the right answer, you need to ask the right question, I challenge you to start replacing “I can’t” with “how can I?” and just watch how your mind starts to come up with creative solutions. In all areas of your life.
  2. Upskill and Educate – People invest the best years of their lives and thousands of dollars to get an education that lands them a job they hate, but then the fear of the unknown or change paralyzes them from investing even a year and a few hundred dollars to learn a skill that would allow them to earn money online, and live a life of purpose and freedom. If you have a fear of technology or don’t know where to start, do what I did and do an online course in your spare time, even if it’s just a few hours a day after work, once you start to earn and prove to yourself that you can do it (Belief) then quit your 9-5 and come visit me somewhere around the world to celebrate. Here’s a link to an amazing online training course that teaches you how to start an online income from scratch with no experience, in your own time. This is the same course I started with and I can’t recommend it enough. It also gives you access to an incredible network of digital entrepreneurs to learn with and from. Which brings me to the final action point 
  3. Grow your network – Without a doubt, one of the most useful resources I have is my extensive network of amazing friends across the globe and I would say that it’s no coincidence. If you are a little bit socially awkward, don’t worry, networking and people skills are 100% learnable, a great book on the topic is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” a self-help book written by Dale Carnegie

As I said at the start, it is my mission to teach people how to live a life of Joy, Abundance and geographical freedom, if that is something you want then one last action you can take that won’t cost you a thing is subscribing to my Youtube channel, or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

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