When the International Borders Open, Will People Travel Straight Away? Where is Your Next Destination?

In this post;

  • The Future of Tourism, what will it look like?
  • Will people wait to travel after the borders open or are they dying to escape?
  • When and where will people/you travel next?

The Future of Tourism

As someone who works closely with tourism and is currently living on an island whos economy depends on tourism, the discussion of what things might look like after the current events with COVID-19 is a hot topic.

Each country will have their differences, some countries are and will be tightening their borders, and some articles suggesting that international travel may only be permitted to those with a vaccine, maybe only some countries will require you to have the vaccine, but one thing is for sure, traveling will never be the same, yet will that stop people?

Without a doubt, certain people can’t wait for the moment they can leave their country or state, so for them, what changes are they likely to see happen to tourism?

Focus on local tourism and hospitality – With the added fear and complications of international travel, we are likely to see a spike in people traveling closer to home.

Health tourism – The current events have made people more health-oriented, and many are expected to seek wellness, restoration, and healing vacations. Spa treatments, yoga retreats, and other pro-health activities should be particularly appealing for tourists. 

Social and environmental aid tourism – With the chance to reflect on all the things we’ve been doing wrong to each other, ourselves and the environment, an increase in social work, and environmental tourism is expected.

Outdoors tourism: Of course being locked indoors for an extended period of time is going to make being in the great outdoors all that more attractive but mix in the fear of being in large groups and outdoor tourism is clearly going to be the choice of many.

Remote or secluded locations – Again, due to the same reasons mentioned above, it’s more likely that we will see people choosing to holiday in places that are further away from large crowds.

A focus on small groups – Where we saw tourist activities done in larger groups, we are likely to see group sizes being controlled, this may increase costs in some cases but will also make things more intimate.

Digital tourism – With more than two-thirds of the planet’s population being forced to lockdown, certain industries and jobs will never be the same again, the current events with COVID-19 are accelerating our society into the digital age where everything from school, work, shopping, and many other services can successfully be achieved online without the “risk” of large social groups, this will include tourism, how you might ask? Virtual tours, around the world with 3D goggles from the comfort of your lounge room, no risk, low cost no visas, and no matter what your physical state is, you can do it! VR and AR Technology is getting scarily realistic, of course it will not compare to the real experience but for a lot of people it will be the next best thing.

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Controlled acceptance of international tourism – Quarantine restrictions in many countries are and will be in place, sometimes requiring multiple rounds of testing on arrival to a country, or for visitors to complete mandatory isolation for up to 14 days. At the moment, most European countries are in the process of reopening borders and will no doubt be the testing grounds for the new measures to be taken in the future.

Will People Wait to Travel or are People Dying to Escape?

With changes like the ones mentioned above, this may cause extra delays and hassles during travel, there are likely going to be much stricter guidelines to public transport and in many countries, and there will be new expectations or regulations worldwide. This may deter some people. but will that be enough to stop people who need to or love to travel?

There is no doubt that for certain people the COVID-19 virus is deadly, and way more people have caught the fear of COVID than the actual virus itself.

It’s expected that even after gates open, a large portion of people will be too fearful to travel until the dust really settles, and that tourism although it will never be the same, is potentially years away from coming back to full swing.

A sensitive topic at the moment is the idea of being forced to be vaccinated, for some countries like Australia, this looks like a very likely outcome.

Although the idea of being forced to use a vaccine may deter people to travel from certain countries, it will also likely take a lot of time to be approved, so as countries all over the world start to open borders, there very well may be a larger movement of tourism than skeptics predict.

After all, there is always, and always has been a danger to traveling to an unknown place, the spirit of a traveler knows this and in many cases loves it!

When and Where Will you Travel Next?

Although we don’t know exactly what the future will hold, one thing is for sure the desire to travel for many will be stronger than ever!

Forbes magazine states these 7 Countries Have Potential To Become Major Tourist Destinations In A Post-COVID World

  • Ethiopia
  • Iran
  • Myanmar (Burma)
  • Georgia
  • The Philippines
  • Slovenia
  • Tunisia

We’d love to hear your comments below, when and where will you travel next?